XpakPolyethylene Bubble Mailer

Polyair’s Xpak bubble mailers combine the tear, weather and puncture resistance of a courier envelope with the cushioning of a duraliner bubble lining. Each Xpak mailer is made from 100% polyethylene. Shipping/postage costs for Xpaks is lower than many alternative packages. The white outer surface is ideal for high-quality printing.
Sell Sheet

Key Features

  • Economical alternative to shipping products in a carton, resulting in significantly lower packaging and shipping costs
  • Exterior film has opaque gray lining on inside, preventing seeing through and protecting privacy
  • Hot melt self-seal closure helps ensure a tamper-evident seal and content security
  • 100% polyethylene has strong puncture resistance and is store drop-off recyclable
  • High slip lining allows easier product insertion and extraction.
  • 1/3 the weight of macerated mailers
  • Anti-Static release liner doesn’t stick to item being inserted or extracted
  • Smooth print surface is ideal for advertising, promotional mailings and branding - printable in up to eight colors


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