Feel Protected

At Polyair we ask a lot of questions.

  • What are your goals and challenges?
  • Looking for a better packaging solution?
  • Where do you need to ship your product?
  • What products are you protecting?

With clients in all major industries we listen to your needs and help you achieve savings and opportunities beyond the initial scope of the challenge.

Our Products

Polyair offers a full product lineup of Bubble, Foam, Mailers and Integrated Packaging Systems.

What’s new at Polyair.com?

The AirSpace G4 machine delivers flexibility and performance. Polyair Systems AirspaceThe lightweight G4 has the speed to keep up with the most demanding packing environments. The G4 produces pillows in various sizes and film thicknesses to provide the versatility needed in today’s marketplace. Click here for our Polyair AirSpace Video

Polyair continues to grow its distributor business

Recipients of the 2018 TUG Industrial Packaging Pinnacle Award.