The AirSpace G4 machine delivers flexibility and performance. The lightweight G4 machine, has the speed to keep up with the most demanding packing environments. The G4 produces pillows in various sizes and film thicknesses to provide the versatility needed in today’s marketplace. The G4’s easy to use push button controls and straightforward film loading, makes set-up a breeze and ongoing operations effortless. Coupled with Polyair’s Innovative AirSpace Integration program, the G4 can revolutionize the way void fill is used.

Key Features

Internal air supply
quiet and portable machine requires less maintenance and reduces cost while using less warehouse space

Easy to load film
one step film loading process saves time

Easy to use operator controls
simple control panel

only 26 lbs.

High output speed
fast speed for quick replenishment, improving efficiencies

Portable stand
machine can easily be moved to support many different packaging stations

Quiet operation
reduces excessive noise in workspace, improving the work environment