DurabubbleRP roll stock is available in both standard and anti-static form, and can be converted into custom sheets. Both standard size rolls and retail size rolls are suitable for any industrial application.

DurabubbleRP Roll Stock can be easily customized to meet customers’ needs.

Can be slit to any size from 6″ *
Can be perforated to any size from 6″ **
* Note: slit tolerance is +/- 1/4″. ** Perforation tolerance is +/- 5%.

Key Features

Superior burst strength
Bubble withstands pressure and abuse while providing maximum product protection

Excellent air retention
Bubble stays inflated to provide continued protection

Good tensile strength
Bubble maintains integrity under stress to give products superior protection

Tacky film surface
Product remains stationary when packed or during shipment

Reduces shipping costs

Good clarity
Product remains highly distinguishable when packed

Suitable for temperatures ranging from -50 degrees C to 80 degrees C (-58 to 176 Fahrenheit)